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Seeking a job was never a cakewalk. And in the present circumstances, things don’t seem to be getting pleasant anytime soon. However, there is nothing to worry, if the job-seekers adopt the right strategy, the right tool and most importantly the right platform to gain jobs or employment opportunities of their choice. 
Before we move on to other aspects of job-hunting, it is important for job-seekers to understand a few things first. One such thing is that if you are looking for employment opportunities, then there are a huge number of potential employers who are also looking for the right kind of candidates who could be an asset to their company. And this is where you- as a job-seeker- stand a good chance to start your job innings. So, now let us move on to the next step that is crucial to get the best jobs.

Work on your resume: It isn’t a big deal if you don’t have an impressive resume to upload on a recruiter’s website for you can work on it as time passes by and your work experience grows. But till then make it a point to be honest about your work done till date and show how you would love to grow steadily with time and of course, with the company. Apart from this, it is important to realise that every candidate’s resume differs on the basis of education, experience, history industry and position, there are always a few sections where you can highlight your skills.

Short & crisp resumes: Impressive resumes attract the best recruiters around, undoubtedly. However, we would like to warn you to keep the uploaded resume short and crisp as recruiters often run out of patience reading lengthy resumes and this dooms your chances of getting hired as well. So, when you get a chance to meet your potential employer face-to-face, you can fill in the details then. Remember that the whole idea behind writing your resume should be to help your potential employers learn who you are and whether your skills and experiences match the position or publicized requirement. 

Leaders, not taskmaster get hired: In an attempt to make sure that the job-seekers do not lose the opportunity, candidates often display themselves as great taskmasters. But it is leadership skills that recruiters are always looking for. So, make it a point to communicate with your potential employers in a manner that speaks about your passion, dependability, problem-solving abilities and you as a team player. Additionally, if the candidates can exhibit examples of developing and delivering presentations to both executives and subordinates or ensure that they would be able to establish trust and respect within the team then the candidates manage to score an extra mark with the hiring team.

Display integrity: It is no news that potential employers scan the candidate’s personality in many ways to ensure they are hiring the right candidate. A candidate with the right kind of spirit and behavior is always a treasure for the companies. In other words, employers always admire and acknowledge candidates having strong ethical and moral principles. This is because integrity is the foundation for a successful and established employee-employer relationship that also promotes a professional culture. Hence, you must make it a point to display integrity and good character and refrain from cheap tactics or thoughts that could put the potential employer on the backfoot.

Be ambitious, not over-ambitious: Companies that are in the hiring process love to see candidates with fire in their belly or what can be simply called ambition. This is because ambition is a very important tool that helps the candidate override both talent and resources. Such an attitude can lead not only the candidate but also the company to achieve success and satisfaction, regardless of what is put in front of them. But if the hirers spot a trace of over-ambition in the prospective candidate, it ruins their chances of getting the job. This is because too much ambition often leads to stress and strain and weigh heavily on most in-office relationships. So, here is a tip for those who think they have an excess of ambition. And the tip is ‘just downplay your ambition’ during the hiring process.

Avoid criticism: Different kinds of questions crop up during an interview. While some are related to your strengths and weaknesses some could revolve around sensitive topics. This is especially true if you are switching over to another company and you have been unhappy in your previous/ present organization. One common mistake that most candidates make is criticizing the organizations where they have been working. For example, there could be management issues, tiffs with immediate boss or colleagues or anything else in your present company. So, if during the interview the talks revolve around any of these, then make sure never to divulge anything. On the contrary, you could always say that though the present company has its plus points you are looking for better opportunities to grow professionally. 

Be professional & dignified: The mantra you must keep in mind during an interview is that ‘professionals hire professionals’. So, if you are going for an interview make sure you look and sound professional. This means, dress appropriately, maintain a graceful posture, and of course, don’t forget to have that charming smile on your face. If you are still looking for a list that should be avoided during an interview, then here it is. Don’t talk too much, don’t be too casual, stick to the questions asked and answer them appropriately, avoid too many hand gestures. Also, slang words or references to age, race, religion, politics or sexual orientation are a strict no-no for conversations around these could send you out the door right away.
The internet is full of job seekers who are looking for crucial details about job updates in different locations like new vacancy in Rajasthan 2021, Central Govt jobs in Tamil Nadu, Haryana Govt Jobs 2021, Safety officer jobs in India, Mining Jobs in India, Odisha govt jobs 2021, post office jobs in Tamil Nadu, Odisha postal jobs, and much more. With so much career options available, it’s quite confusing to chose the right career path.
While keeping the above points its quite clear what makes an aspirant a perfect fit for the respective job role related to any field, whether it is legal job in Mumbai, Indian Navy jobs after 12th, latest govt jobs in India, graphic designer jobs in Chennai, or Indian Air Force jobs. However, choosing the right job comes with a lot more preparation consistency.
As the world is switching to digital technology, it’s important to take note of certain points before preparing for online career fair and online job interviews 2021. Below details are especially curated for young aspirants who are seeking career in Safety career officer, post office jobs in Karnataka, Army jobs 2021, Jharkhand police vacancy 2021, all India govt jobs, railway jobs 2021, and SBI vacancy 2021.

Sign up ahead of time – Whether you are preparing for govt jobs 2021, RBI jobs, amazon online jobs, or flipkart jobs 2021, you need to start early. Since virtual or online career fairs are coming up as new concept and not many aspirants are aware of it. Although these online fairs are great platform to search online govt jobs 2021, IOCL recruitment 2021, BEL recruitment 2021, NVS recruitment 2021, CISF recruitment 2021, BARC recruitment 2021, PSU jobs, and KVS recruitment 2021. Online platform provides you great room understand and learn more about the industries, making it easier for you to choose your career wisely.

Research about organization and opportunities –While preparing for your career, make sure to do enough research about the organization and what opportunities it is offering. Get feedback from the existing employees who have chosen their career in FCI jobs, government jobs, Indian Army, Indian Air Force, or BARC recruitment and learn about their experiences. Create a list of questions and research to get answer to these questions.

Update your resume – Before you sign up to online job portal, make sure to update your resume with your recent qualification and experience information. No matter if you are applying for Govt jobs, CRPF jobs, BARC recruitment, DRDO recruitment 2021, railway jobs, or banking jobs, your resume gives strong impression about ability of being the right fit for the respective job. Therefore, before you make a final move to apply for online job in India, make sure everything is ready to go beforehand with the most recent detail updates.

Practice your elevator pitch – Right after your resume in hands, the most common question that recruiters ask to the candidate is, “Can you tell me a bit more about yourself?” So, be prepared with the answer and give a clear view about why you are choosing your career in Indian Army jobs or any other central govt jobs. Lastly, make sure whatever you answer, answer it with full confidence.

Don’t be afraid to reach out – Undoubtedly, there’s huge competition in UPSC jobs, govt jobs, bank jobs 2021, India post recruitment, sarkari job railways, CISF recruitment, and Army jobs. If you get any links to reach out the recruiter directly or in-person, don’t be afraid of taking the step forward. Having in-person communication will give you confidence and make you comfortable with the organization. Although don’t try to bribe the employer to get the job, otherwise you would end up giving wrong impression and may also get a legal notice for such actions. 

During the online career fair:
So, this was all about preparing for online job interviews, now let’s discuss about practices to follow during the online job fair 2021.

Dress to impress – Don’t think like its going to be an online job interview, so you can wear whatever you want. It’s a big NO. Just prepare your dressing as if it’s an in-person interview. Dress properly and act professionally, that will be the only first quality that would make you stand out of the crowd.

Focus on strong communication – If you are sitting for bank job interviews or govt job interviews, remember to keep your verbal and non-verbal communication strong. Communicate your answers with confidence and be clear with what you’re delivering. Your choice of words should be precise, so you’re not misinterpreted.

Ask questions – Generally aspirants who prepare of CISF recruitment, RBI recruitment, UPSC recruitment, or bank jobs recruitment, make a common mistake of not questioning back during the interview. Don’t hold back on asking questionand show your presence of mind to the recruiter.
So, if you too are looking for the right kind of jobs or are about to have an interview, top up chances to crack the interview and have a great career that you always had dreamt about.

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